If you are interested in buying property in Mexico, 

we will be glad to help!!!

We are not in the real estate business, and we are not brokers, but we have property in several locations in Mexico.

 We can help you buy property directly from the owner. 

We will give you some information about each location. Then you can tell us which might best fit your needs, and we can go into detail about your selection. You will need to tell us  about your intended use for the land, so that we can make proper recommendations.

Location and price are important considerations but these are nothing if you pay your money and get cheated. Knowing the rules of the game is step one. We can give you the benefit of our experience and help you learn the rules. The rules are different from the rules in the U.S.A., but can be just as effective. 

The process is not scary or risky once you understand the related Mexican laws. You do not have to understand Spanish. Mexican law requires that contracts in Spanish must be explained to you in English.

Regardless which property you buy in Mexico, the main rules are:

1. Never buy property that is occupied.
2. Never buy property that does not have a properly registered, clear title.
3. Never buy property or make payments to anyone except the actual titled owner of the lot. We will introduce you to the owner. 
4. Hire an honest, competent attorney who is a property specialist to make sure everything is proper.  We can help you with this.

If you are not a Mexican citizen, you can not hold property titles directly. The Mexican laws provide for two methods for foreigners to own property. The Fideicomiso is the method by which a bank in Mexico holds the property title in a trust, and the buyer is the beneficiary of the trust. The other method is to form a Mexican corporation, which would allow you to hold the title to one or more lots directly through the corporation. You can now own 100% of a Mexican corporation that owns beach property. The detailed differences will be explained to you. Either is simple and effective, and the choice depends on your individual requirements.


We can provide a wide range of service from simple recommendations about property acquisition and ownership to arranging for you to meet property owners, and providing legal expertise and advice regarding Mexican Laws & customs.

We can take you from a dream to becoming a beach property owner on the Mexican Caribbean.

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Information about beach lots in  

 Riviera Maya & Costa Maya

After reading the detailed information, please contact us by e-mail for any further questions or to make an appointment to see property and meet the owner. 


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